The best stories are still being written

While the story of our homestead is still being written, its origin is in a condo kitchen in a Colorado suburb. In late 2016, our family prepared to exchange Christmas gifts with one small caveat: all the gifts had to be handmade. The result was probably not the best candle ever made, but it was the first step in a journey that has spanned nearly four years and several life-changing moves.

Our current chapter is being written in Powell, Wyoming. We spend our days caring for a flock of sassy chickens and operate a small market garden to provide wholesome produce for our family and our community. The beeswax in our candles is procured from a local apiary and we strive for the highest quality of oils and cotton wicks free from lead and zinc for the cleanest burn and fragrance. 

Our hearts are full and we’re so excited that you’re following us on this journey.

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